The objective of this institution is education of the every person. Hence right from the beginning it aims at an integral formation of character (intellectual, moral, spiritual, physical and social) of the young who in turn will build up our nation in justice and truth respecting the dignity of each individual person.

For the attainment of this goal the institution expects parents and teachers to share this objective and to co-operate in making it a reality.

Spiritual and Moral Values

  • - To be firm in their faith in God and to have love for personal prayer.
  • - To have a sense of right values.
  • - To have strong personal convictions.
  • - To have the ability to make personal decisions.
  • - To have respect for parents and those in authority.
  • - To be kind and sympathetic towards others.
  • - To be devoted to duty.
  • - To be appreciative of our national heritage and culture.
  • - To have developed logical reasoning and critical judgement with regard to mass media.

Social Values

Students should be :

  • - Aware of the needs of the society in which they live.
  • - Able to adopt themselves to the changing circumstances.
  • - Convinced of the dignity of labour.
  • - Able to work with others.
  • - Courteous towards others, radiating joy and friendliness.
  • - Motivated by a healthy spirit of co-operation.

Intellectual Formation

Students should be :

  • - Able to choose a career which will be of service to the community.
  • - Ready to strive for excellence in all they do.
  • - Aware of their talents and skills and develop them to the full.
  • - Able to gain confidence in themselves through participation in public speaking and cultural and co-curricular activities.
  • - Ready and willing to share their knowledge with others.
  • - Keenly desirous of learning.
  • - Ambitious to acquire positions of influence in order to be of service to others.
  • - Trained in leadership so that they can bring about a desired social change in family, society and nation. Co-curricular activities of a varied nature are provided in order to promote a harmonious development of both mind and body.

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