Principal's Message


Jubilation, Thrill, joy, happiness, satisfaction.. is outcome of hard work for every human person. Everybody desires to be happy and nobody wants to be sad or unhappy in life for this is basic nature and need of human, although at time it is desired without making an effort. Life span of happiness and satisfaction is longer if it has attained by hard work and it is shorter if it comes by chance. Today the Business Gurus are trying to substitute HARD WORK by SMART WORK for it seems to produce better and quicker result than hard work. The word Smart is found practically in every field of life like smart phone, smart T.V., smart camera, smart computer, smart watch, smart card, smart shopping,…… smart…. smart…. and finally Smart parents. When the whole word is advancing towards becoming smart then how could children of present generation not be affected by this new concept. As a result students are also expected to smart and work smartly. The concept of being Smart should not be misunderstood with short cut method to achieve the goal. Oxford dictionary gives different meaning of the word smart like, very good at learning or very good at thinking about things, showing intelligence of good judgment. Intelligence is the first prerequisite to be SMART and hard work is the second. A child must study formally and informally to be intelligent and thus to be smart.

Declaration of Annual result revealed that all the students who worked smartly throughout the year like ANT had nothing to regret but those who wasted the time like GRASSHOPPER regretted heavily. Student life is onward journey and all those students, who learn from the mistake, amend their ways and move forward, are optimistic and never lose hope. In the words of Pope Francis, “It is to have maturity to be able to say, ‘I made mistake’.” This acceptance splashes joy and spurs new stream of courage to go ahead in life. New opportunity has come with new scholastic year for all the students and I wish that every student learns to give 100% in every work every time.

As we are ready to bring out another issue of Annual Magazine I thank all teachers and students for their hard and smart work. Special thanks to the editorial board for their tireless effort. I implore God’s blessing on everyone.

Fr. Ajay Kumar

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