Recommendations To Parents

Guidelines To Parents To Keep Their Child Healthy

  • All parents are required to impart Health Education to their children so that they
    • Maintain personal hygiene like trimming of nails and being neat on a regular basis.
    • Should exercise regularly.
    • Sleep for at least eight hours daily.
    • Have a balanced diet, nutritionally rich in protein.
    • Drink water which is either boiled or filtered. (All students are advised to bring their own water bottles from home).
    • Avoid consumption of ice-creams, other milk products and eatables from road side vendors.
  • Deworm all children at least once a year. Advice to be taken from the family physician.
  • Get dental and opthalmic check up every year.
  • Immunise all children as per schedule given below-
    • BCG
    • DPT
    • Oral Polio
    • Measles/MMR
    • DT-at 5 years of age
    • Tetanus-Booster dose to be given between 7-16 year of age and also to be given if injured.
    • Typhoid once every year preferably.
    • Cholera in the month of March.
    • Meningitis
  • Should there be any infectious disease in your home please report the fact to the Principal at once and do not send your ward to school till the infectious period is over.
  • Students suffering from diseases such as Chicken-Pox, Cholera, Measles, Mumps, Whooping Cough and Jaundice must observe doctors prescribed period of Quarantine.
  • Students suffering from infectious diseases like conjunctive Dermartitis, Scabies etc. should not be sent to school.
  • Students suffering from chronic diseases like Asthma, Epilepsy, Rheumatic Heart Disease etc. are advised to be under continuous Medial Supervision of a specialist Doctor. History of their illness must be filled up in the school diary along with the treatment being taken.

Note: The School reserves the right to add, alter, amend or cancel any of the rules/ regulations given in this school diary at any time at its discretion which will be binding on parents/ guardians.

Recommendations to Parents

  • Parents / Guardians seeking admission of their children / wards are required to submit the prescribed application forms duly completed in all respects. When a scholar is admitted, the parent / guardian is required to produce a Transfer Certificate from the school last attended. No admission will otherwise be made. The condition of admission will be that parents / guardians will comply strictly with terms and rules herein stated and pay the tuition fees and all other charges by the due date. Any further changes made in this prospectus regarding rules or tuition fees or any other charges will be binding on them. The same will be notified on the notice board.
  • A pupil who fails to pay fees up to date will not be allowed to appear for the examination.
  • Parents are requested to enforce regularity and discipline. They will kindly see that their children prepare their lessons daily. They should see that their children leave the home in time to be punctual in the school, prepare the work set to them and see that they devote sufficient time for their studies.
  • Politeness and courtesy in speech and conduct should be inculcated as well as cleanliness in dress and person.
  • Leave of absence may be granted for sufficient reason but only on application from the parent / guardian. This must be made in advance, whenever possible, clearly mentioning the name, class and section of their child / ward. Leave may not be granted for a part of the session or half day. Absence and Leave record given in this calendar must be made use of.
  • Any communication (request or complaint) made by the parent / guardian should be addressed to the Principal and not to class teacher. When thus communicating with the Principal, parents / guardians are requested to mention in their letters the names and classes with section of their children.
  • No visitors (parents / others) are allowed to see pupils or interview their teachers during class hours.
  • Parents are also requested not to visit classes during class hours. All business will be transacted in the office.
  • Parents are requested not to send for or call away their children during class hours except in case of an unforeseen emergency.
  • Parents / Guardians are particularly expected to sign messages, progress-reports or any similar documents when so requested. Failure to do so may put their children to great inconvenience and render them liable to being sent home. Coming late repeatedly or forgetting to bring books may be punished in the same way.
  • Parents must realise that Parent-Teacher Meetings are very important and attend them regularly.
  • The school welcome constructive criticism. The management feel happy when parents take keen interest in the progress of the Institution and point out our drawbacks. Without regular feedback from the parents,it will be difficult to make progress. It will be better to send complaints and suggestions, if any, to the Principal and not teachers. It is to be done directly either in writing or by meeting the Principal personally.
  • The Principal reserves the right to inflict punishment upon students.
  • Small children should not be entrusted with payment of fees.
  • Answer scripts of students for the Half-Yearly and Annual Examination, will not, under any circumstances, be given to parents, private tutors or others. The School does not undertake to retain answer scripts of candidates who appear for these examinations for more than a month, after the exams.
  • The interpretation of any rule in this prospectus, as well as any amendments to it rests solely and entirely with the Governing Body of the school. This shall be final and binding on parents/guardians and no case shall lie in any court of law in respect of the decision.

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