School Uniform

Parents / Guardians are requested to send their children to school tidily dressed wearing the school uniform along with the ID cards. If the children fail to wear the uniform, he/she may not be allowed to enter his / her class.

Classes I to XII (Monday to Friday)


Class I to XII : Grey Shorts / Trousers and White full sleeved Shirts, Tie, Belt, ID card, black leather shoes and plain black socks for all.


Class I to VIII : Grey skirt and White blouse, Tie, Belt, ID card, divided skirt from class IV to VIII, black leather shoes, white socks and black hair band.

Class IX to XII : Salwar (white) Kameez (Blue & white checked), black leather shoes, black ribbons and plain white socks for all.

Saturdays :

Class III to XII : White trousers and T-Shirt (according to the House) for the boys and full white uniform for the girls with white P.T shoes and white socks.

LKG & UKG : Checked tunic and white shirts for girls. Black shorts and checked shirts for boys. Belts, Black shoes and white socks for girls, Black shoes and black socks for boys.

Winter Uniforms :

I to XII : Grey V-necked full sleeve pullover with monogram for all. Girls are permitted to wear white slacks/stockings. Only Navy blue blazer with monogram is permitted.

LKG & UKG : Blood Red Pull over and white slacks for girls.

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